Learn – Visual Basic

Excel, as most Microsoft applications, can offer the possibility of programming within Visual Basic to create programs that you can use over and over again with a simple press of a button without having to create them every single time. It is mostly used in applications of Data Analysis, Dashboards, KPI’s, Create/Update Planning or Reports.

Sometimes when your spreadsheets develop together with your needs or business, the functions that excel provide within spreadsheet level is not able to fully provide the solution you are looking for. At that point it is the time to go for Visual Basic.

ConfExcel specialized in creating custom made USER FORMS or developing complex but friendly to be used TOOLS for:

  • Data conversion
  • Data registration
  • Calculations in sales
  • Calculations within engineering
  • User form registrations
  • Database updates
  • Export / Import configurators for your own ERP system
  • Lean 6σ tools
  • Custom made Dashboard
  • Grand chart
  • etc.

How? Well you need to start with beginning. Most of the above mentioned use simple macros combined in the most efficient ways. Here you can find explanations, examples and in some cases video tutorials on how to use and combine macros and how to create the most friendly but yet complex programs that you need.

We try to cover all possible questions that you might have, but because the possibilities are so wide, in case you do not find your question fell free to contact us using the contact form. We will make sure we answer in the shortest time possible.