Microsoft Excel Tools

Business intelligence in Excel advanced tools

Are you tired of doing all your Excel activities manually? We can solve your problem!
We look into your raw data, reporting, business needs & targets and we create live reports for you that can be refreshed with new information at any time. These are called EXCEL Tools. No daily support needed and easy to refresh with new data. Your reports will be shown in designed dashboards, will be easy to read and presented, or can be used as input for your ERP system.

Define your goal and start action

First, we will define your goal. What do you want to achieve with your information? For example, you have information package in raw format from a customer and you want to import it in your ERP fast or you want to create a nice dashboard to show your progress during the last week but you are not sure how? We will help you define your problem and together we will find the solution for you. We will then build a custom-made program within Excel that will automatically read the raw data you have and transform it in the format, design and quality that you need.

Custom-made tools or Data entry forms

No company is the same, therefore no need will be the same. The tools or forms we make for you are unique! We look into your needs and we create tools based on your needs. This allows us to design for you any program you need without limitation. Everything is possible as long as the resource program is Excel. Once the desired format, design and result is ready, your tool is ready. From that moment on you only have to press a button to refresh and the rest is done by the tool.