About Us

Why ConfEXCEL ?

ConfExcel is a new brand that aims to bring simple, fast and efficient solution for your business or for your personal use.

We specialize in creating custom made configuration within Excel.

ConfExcel and Excel

Excel can offer a variation of applications just perfect for your business or personal use.

Because there are many possibilities, Excel can convert in a complicated and unfriendly software to use.

In this situation ConfExcel is the perfect one to contact for solutions or development of complete programs.

We excel in developing complex SPREADSHEETS for:

  • Data Registration Systems
  • Complex Calculations Methods
  • Databases
  • Databases Relations

With more than 10 years of proven experience in working with Excel we can provide the following:

  • Advise and create for you custom made solution for any questions or needs
  • Custom made training for you or your team (learn exactly what you need to use for your applications)

ConfExcel and Visual Basic

When our business grows, the spreadsheet might not be able to fully cover the needs anymore. Seems like this is the time to go for programming using the Visual Basic.

Every ERP system has a correlation with Excel because all of them can export or import within XLS, CSV or TXT files.

With VBA a “tool” can be developed. This can convert your customer information into suitable information for your ERP.

We are specialized in:

  • Custom made USER FORMS
  • Develop custom made TOOLS for data conversion, registration and calculation
  • Develop programs within excel that can generate the proper ERP format

We guarantee a friendly solution for everyone’s use, with or without knowledge.

ConfExcel and Lean

Lean management, 6 sigma and Kaizen, these are ones of the most known terms used today when we want to highlight an optimized management within a business.

Whether these are used within manufacturing or within back office, they make our work clear and easier.

We can offer:

  • All tools concerning Lean and 6σ
  • Advice for your business
  • Advice on how to improve and optimize your back office process

You want to learn how to develop your business or you want a fully designed solution for it?

Then ConfExcel is the perfect choice for you.

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